History of skinny ties

When talking about the popular skinny tie, most people think about the retro look resembling the 60s. The skinny tie was made popular through pop icons like the Beatles during the end of the 50s.

original retro skinny tie

Before the 1950s, ties from the 40s were much much wider, in fact the really wide ties (above 4.25 inches at the widest part) didn’t come back in style until the 80s. Eventually, the skinny tie came out of style during the end of the 60s and fashion designers slowly went with wider necktie cuts. By the 70s the average necktie measured about 3 inches in width, which is still narrow compared to our standard necktie of today (about 3.5″). The classic vintage skinny tie from the late 50s measures between 2 and 2.5 inches in width.

The materials used to make the skinny tie varies widely. Some designers had solid colored black skinny ties made from leather, while otheres carried ties that were knitted from cotton and even wool. Knitted skinny ties usually had a flat tip. Even today knitted version of the skinny tie are back in style -although not for any formal or business attire.

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