Best tie knots for skinny ties

The most popular style for skinny ties are solid color and made from a smooth satin like silk fabric. The narrow look of the tie and the soft fabric combine best with small tube-shades tie knots, that are loosly tied.

Typically it is the goal to tie a tie knot so that the tie hangs straight, and that the knot itself is either symmetric (for the full Windsor tie knot), or has the popular dimple (best suited for the Four in Hand tie knot). For skinny ties, it is preferred to have a “non-perfect tie knot”. Instead the knot should be slightly loose. The tie also diesn’t have to hang straight, and instad of one dimple, multiple crinkles at the knot are preferred.

The best suited tie knot for skinny ties is the simple and most common tie know: The Four in Hand knot. The four in Hand knot is the oldest tie knot that originally was invented in Britain dueing the end of the 19th Century. Ever since, the Four in Hand is the most commly ted knot for ties – regualr sized ties, skinny ties, or even extra long ties. The reason teh four in Hand tie knot is so popular is because it is first of all quite simple to master. In fact it is often times referred to as the simple knot. In additon it is a tie knot that simply looks best for tradtionally striped ties such as Britosh Regimental stripes ties. It is also a preferred knot when wearing a shirt with a more narrow collar spread.

Instructions for the Four in Hand tie knot:

tie knots for skinny neckties

The Four in Hand necktie knot: A small asymmetrical tie knot best suited for solid colored neckties, traditoanal striped ties, and skinny neckties.

Examples of tied skinny neckties:

tie knots on skinny ties

Matching tie knots to the retro look of the skinny tie: Tied loosely (left) with collar open, or tied tightly when wearing a shirt with a narrow collar spread.

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