Skinny ties

Welcome to skinny neckties.

The days of the original skinny and narrow ties go back to the 60s. Especially the solid colored skinny ties were the preferred necktie for young men. Looking at photos from the beatles for exampe, often times shows them wearing solid color black skinny ties that measuer about 2-2.5″ in width at the widest part of the tie.

Today, the retro look of the skinny necktie has come back into style. With popular music genres in the alternative rock scene, the skinny tie is brought back into the limelight. Especially young men wear such ties -not oly for business, but mostly for leisure. Seeing many men confused about ho to match the skinny tie correctly for each occasion encouraged me to make an informational only site dedicated to skinny neckties.

On you will find:

  • The history of skinny ties
  • Who wears skinny ties today
  • How to match skinny neckties
  • The best tie knots for skinny ties
  • Where to buy skinny ties A site specializing only in the retro look of skinny and narrow neckties.

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